Sunday, October 4, 2009

What's Your "Jittery Jolt?!" CONTEST

What's Your "Jittery Jolt?"

For me, it's Coffee - and a lot of it! I have it first thing in the morning, not matter what, but especially if I'm morning running. My coffee has gotten me through many days - running AND non-running related!

But coffee isn't what does it for everyone. For some it's tea. For other's it's a Monster Energy Drink or Red Bull. But for most, it's something. And while I don't recommend it all day long as your main energy source, I think that in moderation it's perfectly fine!

Beyond the fact that my daily cup of Joe gets me energized and ready for the day, it also makes me focused and even more motivated and passionate to get the things that are important to me done!

I like to have coffee mugs with pictures of the people I care most about on them. Why? Because looking at them while sipping my beverage of choice makes me even more happy! 1 great thing mixed with another great thing = a day started off so well!

So I wondered about this. I drink coffee in the morning before I run to give me energy. I love coffee. I love running. I've combined the two. Thus, I fun would it be to design a "blank coffee" cup with my "running inspirations/motivations?"



And now you can do your own, too, while having the CHANCE to win a 2009 HUMAN RACE T-SHIRT!

Here is the template:

All you need to do is click on the mug. It will take you to Photobucket. From there, you can do whatever you'd like. If you download it, you can save it as a file where you can "add to it." Design this using your favorite Nike/Nike+/Athletic/Running/Health/Fitness/Nutrition/Motivation/PowerSong/etc. Be creative. Play around. Have fun! Get yourself motivated and inspired!

Once you are done with your mugs, I'd love to see them! You can post them on here - via a comment. You can email them to me. You can put them up on the Pied Piper Facebook Page. You can add them to your Twitter account via a Tweet at Anything you'd like to do is perfect! All that you need to remember, though, is that I need to see it!

I'm looking for originality, creativeness and an overall PASSIONATE Spirit. Whoever comes up with the best will win the Official Nike+ 10K Human Race T-Shirt.

Contest runs Sunday, October 4 - Monday, October 12th! Must be a Pied Piper, with at least 10 miles logged! GOOD LUCK!

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