Monday, October 5, 2009

19 Days out from Nike+ 10K Human Race


If you are reading this and live in the Salt Lake City, UT area, I am highly encouraging you to participate with the Salt Lake Running Co. Nike+ 10K Human Race (Highland Dr. location). They are an "Official" Nike Location for this race.

Additionally, Debbie Perry has been so kind as to put up the Pied Pipers information on their Blog! A HUGE thanks to Debbie! For all the details on how you can join them, too, in their physical location, please click HERE.

As always...if you are going to be running it there and are already a Pied Piper, I encourage you to have all of your fellow runners sync up to the Pied Pipers post 10K run on 10.24.2009!

You guys are doing a tremendous job! I can't wait to see how we finish up the next 19 days and how we finish STRONG crossing that "finish line" on 10.24.2009!


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