Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's Be Nike+ Friends

The Pied Pipers are doing such a great job of recruiting as many people as possible for the Nike+ 10.24.2009 10K Human Race!

We are trying to build a Pied Piper Empire.
"Enticing others to Lead!"
One Social Media Site we can ALL utilize, since we ALL have a Nike+ Device is the Nike+ Friends Site.


  1. Invite your Nike friends to join Nike+.
  2. Find Friends who already use Nike+. (Perhaps you've seen someone in a lot of challenges with you that you'd like to be friends with?)
Then, BE A SOCIAL BUTTERLY - VIRTUALLY! Connect with them. Invite them to our Pied Piper Team. Invite them to our Pied Piper ONLY Challenges! Have fun!

I am encouraging ALL PIED PIPERS to build your network of Nike+ Friends by 10 people between now and the Human Race on 10.24.2009. Invite them to join our team!

And as always....Happy Running!

1 comment:

  1. Love this idea! Have tried to invite and find friends but it has rarely worked. I did finally manage to get a running friend in Beijing to find the challenge and join the Pipers, but she had a tough time.

    I am in Fishers, IN and would love to find other runners, but I don't know that Nike can search by location or interest, etc. I look forward to the time Nike gets the social networking side of their site further developed.

    FishersMike on Nike+ or