Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Where I Run

I wanted to share with everyone my new Blog.

The new Blog I created is called "It's Where I Run!" I encourage you to check it out, as it goes along with my whole "vibrantly living" ideas!

Hope you all enjoyed a nice, relaxing weekend! Cheers!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nike Human Race: Crossing the Finish Line

Crossing the Finish Line on October 24, 2009. How bittersweet.

Sure, exciting......


And then again, maybe I'm not so sure of this excitement!

Don't get me wrong: I.LOVE.RUNNING. I.LOVE.NIKE+. I LOVE. with PASSION.

But crossing the finish line for me meant that a small chapter in my life was coming to an end. So much time spent (August-October) learning, recruiting, running, motivating, inspiring, meeting and encouraging the Pied Pipers was coming to an end. I had some major "day-after" blues on Sunday.

Crossing the Finish Line for me was never about "hurrying up to get it over with" (although I'm currently working to shave time off my 10K!) because I knew that when it was over, it might truly be over if I let it.

In the days since Sunday, though, I've decided that it will only "be over" if I "let it be over."

And I've decided that no matter what I won't "let it be over." I'm not finished - I don't think the Pipers are finished - with what we started! And what we started was a TEAM - a PACK - a PASSIONATE VIRTUAL RUNNING EMPIRE, if you will!

I believe that where we begin to go from here is to recruit and gather more people who want to join us! Very shortly, this Nike+ Human Race 2009 Blog will probably fade away - after all, it's almost 2010 - and we'll have a NEW Human Race to look forward to. But as soon as I launch our "new place," I will be sure to post it up HERE! I will post it on Facebook. I will post it on Twitter. I will post it everywhere I can think possible.

And then......IT'S ON!!!!!!

Until then, feel free to leave messages here! Let us all know what you are up to, who you've recruited to join the Pipers, what you are running (or why you're not running!) and probably most importantly.....awesome new "food finds:)"


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FINAL Blog Post

I wanted to share with you all my FINAL Nike+ 10K Human Race Blog Posting, found at

The title is - Passion doesn't have an End date


I hope you will all enjoy it! THANK YOU.....and remember, this isn't "Goodbye," it's "we are just getting started!"

Click HERE for full Blog Posting.

Sunday, October 25, 2009



Congrats to EVERYONE who completed their 10K yesterday! It was an amazing day for me, as I'm sure it was for all of you as well!

I drew this morning the winners of the "Slow & Steady" AND "Pied Piper Finale." Here are the winners!

Slow & Steady - For the SportBand
Pied Piper Finale:
  • SportBand - PixelCrew
  • SportBand - zinck1
  • SportKit - FitN50
  • SportKit - ToFeelStrong
  • Replacement Sensor - lisa lasto
  • Replacement Sensor - derricktsang
  • Replacement Sensor - ncsuee
I had one extra Replacement Sensor....So, when I drew for this one, the winner was:
  • jthor72
To those who won....PLEASE....send me an email to: with your full name and address!

To Everyone: IF I could give you the WORLD, I WOULD!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Let the Nike+ Pied Piper Spirit Continue

JUST BECAUSE the Nike+ 10K Human Race is almost over, doesn't mean the Pied Pipers have to say "good bye." I've never been good at "good bye" anyways:)

I'm now taking suggestions for a "New Project" that we could do "Virtually" together! Here are the things to think about and to respond to:
  • What would be fun?
  • What are you all training for that being a part of the Pied Pipers would still benefit you?
  • How could a virtual team get you from point A. to point B.?
  • What does your ideal virtual team look like?
  • What could we do better? Different? The same?
  • How could we keep it creative and continuously interesting?
  • How long should we do this for?
  • Who would we want to recruit?
  • How would we recruit new people?
  • What else????
If you are interested, please post your comments on this Blog so we can all see and respond and collaborate on!

Nike+ 10K Human Race Video


Can you believe we've made it? We've come so far together! There's no turning back - let's get this Virtual 10K done!


I have a fun idea for our Final Hoorah:
Here is what you should do:
  • Shoot any video before, during or after your 10K on 10.24.2009. Some things you could do:
  1. Share why you run in general
  2. Share why you are doing the Nike+ 10K Human Race
  3. Share your favorite quote
  4. Sing a line from your PowerSong
  5. Share the enthusiasm of everyone wherever you're running
  6. Share why you are the BEST Pied Piper
  7. Share what Nike+ Gear you are using
Those are just suggestions! Anything else you can think of? Be creative! Have fun! Keep it simple; nothing too long!

Once your race is over and your video is done, please email it to me:

You can also feel free to email me pictures, stories or anything else from your race.

MAKE THIS YOUR BEST 10K RUN YET! Believe, achieve and mostly Run with PASSION!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Day the World Stopped for a Run

We are almost there! We are now under a week to go! You guys have worked so hard for this!

To show MY appreciation, I want to give you the opportunity to win, win, win on Saturday, October 24th! And this is the BIG news......

I'm creating ANOTHER Challenge for that day! As long as you sync your 10K (ON 10.24.2009) and are entered into the THREE MAIN CHALLENGES below, you will have your chance to win. The difference is that I'm not just giving away one, two or even three things. I will be giving away the following:
So....NOW you just MUST ENSURE you are registered in ALL the following:

1. Nike+ 10K Human Race
2. Nike+ Human Race Ambassador's Challenge (ON THE PIED PIPER TEAM)
3. Nike+ Human Race Pied Pipers Finale

I will draw for the winners the following day, on Sunday, October 25th! I will announce the winners via this blog.

Let's do this, Pipers! Let's Run. Let's Have Fun. Let's Compile the Most Miles. And Let's Do it All with PASSION!