Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nike Human Race: Crossing the Finish Line

Crossing the Finish Line on October 24, 2009. How bittersweet.

Sure, exciting......


And then again, maybe I'm not so sure of this excitement!

Don't get me wrong: I.LOVE.RUNNING. I.LOVE.NIKE+. I LOVE. with PASSION.

But crossing the finish line for me meant that a small chapter in my life was coming to an end. So much time spent (August-October) learning, recruiting, running, motivating, inspiring, meeting and encouraging the Pied Pipers was coming to an end. I had some major "day-after" blues on Sunday.

Crossing the Finish Line for me was never about "hurrying up to get it over with" (although I'm currently working to shave time off my 10K!) because I knew that when it was over, it might truly be over if I let it.

In the days since Sunday, though, I've decided that it will only "be over" if I "let it be over."

And I've decided that no matter what I won't "let it be over." I'm not finished - I don't think the Pipers are finished - with what we started! And what we started was a TEAM - a PACK - a PASSIONATE VIRTUAL RUNNING EMPIRE, if you will!

I believe that where we begin to go from here is to recruit and gather more people who want to join us! Very shortly, this Nike+ Human Race 2009 Blog will probably fade away - after all, it's almost 2010 - and we'll have a NEW Human Race to look forward to. But as soon as I launch our "new place," I will be sure to post it up HERE! I will post it on Facebook. I will post it on Twitter. I will post it everywhere I can think possible.

And then......IT'S ON!!!!!!

Until then, feel free to leave messages here! Let us all know what you are up to, who you've recruited to join the Pipers, what you are running (or why you're not running!) and probably most importantly.....awesome new "food finds:)"


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FINAL Blog Post

I wanted to share with you all my FINAL Nike+ 10K Human Race Blog Posting, found at

The title is - Passion doesn't have an End date


I hope you will all enjoy it! THANK YOU.....and remember, this isn't "Goodbye," it's "we are just getting started!"

Click HERE for full Blog Posting.

Sunday, October 25, 2009



Congrats to EVERYONE who completed their 10K yesterday! It was an amazing day for me, as I'm sure it was for all of you as well!

I drew this morning the winners of the "Slow & Steady" AND "Pied Piper Finale." Here are the winners!

Slow & Steady - For the SportBand
Pied Piper Finale:
  • SportBand - PixelCrew
  • SportBand - zinck1
  • SportKit - FitN50
  • SportKit - ToFeelStrong
  • Replacement Sensor - lisa lasto
  • Replacement Sensor - derricktsang
  • Replacement Sensor - ncsuee
I had one extra Replacement Sensor....So, when I drew for this one, the winner was:
  • jthor72
To those who won....PLEASE....send me an email to: with your full name and address!

To Everyone: IF I could give you the WORLD, I WOULD!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Let the Nike+ Pied Piper Spirit Continue

JUST BECAUSE the Nike+ 10K Human Race is almost over, doesn't mean the Pied Pipers have to say "good bye." I've never been good at "good bye" anyways:)

I'm now taking suggestions for a "New Project" that we could do "Virtually" together! Here are the things to think about and to respond to:
  • What would be fun?
  • What are you all training for that being a part of the Pied Pipers would still benefit you?
  • How could a virtual team get you from point A. to point B.?
  • What does your ideal virtual team look like?
  • What could we do better? Different? The same?
  • How could we keep it creative and continuously interesting?
  • How long should we do this for?
  • Who would we want to recruit?
  • How would we recruit new people?
  • What else????
If you are interested, please post your comments on this Blog so we can all see and respond and collaborate on!

Nike+ 10K Human Race Video


Can you believe we've made it? We've come so far together! There's no turning back - let's get this Virtual 10K done!


I have a fun idea for our Final Hoorah:
Here is what you should do:
  • Shoot any video before, during or after your 10K on 10.24.2009. Some things you could do:
  1. Share why you run in general
  2. Share why you are doing the Nike+ 10K Human Race
  3. Share your favorite quote
  4. Sing a line from your PowerSong
  5. Share the enthusiasm of everyone wherever you're running
  6. Share why you are the BEST Pied Piper
  7. Share what Nike+ Gear you are using
Those are just suggestions! Anything else you can think of? Be creative! Have fun! Keep it simple; nothing too long!

Once your race is over and your video is done, please email it to me:

You can also feel free to email me pictures, stories or anything else from your race.

MAKE THIS YOUR BEST 10K RUN YET! Believe, achieve and mostly Run with PASSION!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Day the World Stopped for a Run

We are almost there! We are now under a week to go! You guys have worked so hard for this!

To show MY appreciation, I want to give you the opportunity to win, win, win on Saturday, October 24th! And this is the BIG news......

I'm creating ANOTHER Challenge for that day! As long as you sync your 10K (ON 10.24.2009) and are entered into the THREE MAIN CHALLENGES below, you will have your chance to win. The difference is that I'm not just giving away one, two or even three things. I will be giving away the following:
So....NOW you just MUST ENSURE you are registered in ALL the following:

1. Nike+ 10K Human Race
2. Nike+ Human Race Ambassador's Challenge (ON THE PIED PIPER TEAM)
3. Nike+ Human Race Pied Pipers Finale

I will draw for the winners the following day, on Sunday, October 25th! I will announce the winners via this blog.

Let's do this, Pipers! Let's Run. Let's Have Fun. Let's Compile the Most Miles. And Let's Do it All with PASSION!


Saturday, October 17, 2009


I love to Blog and clearly by now you can all see how happy and passionate I am!

PLEASE: I applied for the Nature Made SAM-e Complete Good Mood Gig! Vote for me so I can land a great job -

Vote for Me
Good Mood Gig from SAM-e

PS. I mention a few times how RUNNING puts me in this GOOD MOOD:)

140 Characters or less of Pied Piper Passion

Happy Weekend, Pied Pipers!

I am so excited for this weekend! As most of you know, Sunday, October 18th is the Nike Women's Marathon/1/2 Marathon. This will be my FIRST 1/2 Marathon ever! I am so excited!

I have dedicated Mile 7 to my Team, the Passionate Pied Pipers! I would love for you all to see this. Click HERE to be taken to it.

We are just ONE SHORT WEEK - 7 DAYS - out from our Nike+ 10K Human Race!


I bet you are all getting so excited; I know I am. Thinking about it makes my heart skip a beat! We are doing a really great job at recruiting even more people for our team. It's going to be AMAZING to see our whole team come together and RUN, RUN, RUN on 10.24.2009!

If we could ALL please do TWO things this weekend:

1. MAKE SURE you are registered in BOTH the Human Race Challenge - AND The Human Race Ambassador's Challenge (Pied Pipers) - (If you are not registered in BOTH it will NOT count the day of!)

2. Spread some Pied Piper Passion through all of your Networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Email, etc.). Try this FUN one:

(Spreading Pied Piper Passion in 140 characters or less) - "Pied Pipers have Passion for Nike Human Race. Join the Human Race AND THEN the Pied Pipers"

Feel free to change it up however you wish! Once you have done this - I want to see your CREATIVITY! Click on "Comments" or "Add Comments" and post what you put up!

I'll be in touch post the Nike Women's Marathon! I have a BIG announcement/challenge coming.....:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mr. Zinck1

I have chosen Mr. Zinck1 as my feature post today.

Is it because he's in first place for the Pied Pipers? Is it because he leads the overall Ambassador's Challenge?

NO! Both of these are great, but I have been inspired by Mr. Zinck1 since the beginning of this. Our initial conversation went something like this,

Me - "I see you are a 49'er fan. Do you live in the Bay? And are you a Piper"
Zinck1 - "No, Midwest. And why should I be?"
Me - "We have passion. Join us if you want!"
Zinck1 - "I've been following you on the Nike+ Trash Talk - you are very motivating and passionate. I think I'll join your team."

My first thought - "Wow. I could really learn a lot from someone who runs so much!" My second thought - "He must not work if he runs that much." My third thought (once I realized he lives in WI) - "What does he think of Brett Favre." (just kidding - I had to throw that in there:)) ps. I think you will also be just as surprised as I was to find out that he does work!

And so today, I bring you THE MR. ZINCK1. I hope you all will enjoy reading this as much as I did. Mr. Zinck1 has sent me great advice and even more passion and encouragement throughout this. He adores Nike and what it has done for his running. HE HAS PASSION!

(Please make note: I have not changed ONE WORD he wrote. This is completely unedited. You get "the real" Mr. Zinck1)

Name - Location - Occupation

Mark Zinck 33

Madison WI

Budget/Expense Analyst

Why did you start running?

I began running in order to get into a little better shape, tone up a bit, & just feel better overall

How long have you been running?

I began running in on & off in February 2007, mostly a few times a month. That continued until the fall, when I ran 4-5 times per week for 1.5 months, then … nothing for almost 2 months. I then started up for good in Jan ‘08

How long have you been using Nike+? How many miles to date with your Nike+? Any other pertinent Nike+ stats.

I began using Nike+ to track my runs/stats in April 2007, prior to this I had never run farther then 1 mile in my life. Over my first 10 months, using Nike+ just as a tracking mechanism, I logged about 175 miles. Then, In Feb 2008, I joined some challenges & found a good, interactive group of runners in the challenges. That got my competitive juices flowing & from then on, I was hooked! In the next 12 months, I increased from an average of 17.5 miles a month up to about 150 miles each month!

Currently, I am running between 300 – 500 miles per month (while hiking another 100/month). Since joining the Nike+ community, I have logged just over 4,750 miles. In addition, I have been in around 525 Nike+ challenges, several Nike+ leagues & recently I began hosting my first Nike+ league!!!

Why you like using Nike+?

It does a wonderful job of helping me track my runs and with my pacing on those runs. In addition, it presents a tremendous platform to interact & compete with other runners from across the world! It has taken my running to heights that I never would have even contemplated a few years ago. The runners are so helpful in answering questions & concerns … all while helping to inspire each other to new heights! From the challenges, to the forums & PM … Nike+ gives everybody a way to interact with each other, to improve your running & overall health.

Races you've done. Times. Successes. Ect.

I have run around 15 races over the last couple of years, starting with a couple 5Ks in 22-23 minutes & a 5-miler in just under 40 minutes. Over the last year I started increasing the race distance up to 10K & 20K, which ultimately got me up to my first marathon last May!

My marathon was truly my biggest success as a runner so far. This was not because of a great time or a killer closing stretch, but rather because of what I went through to cross that line! I was feeling good through the first 5 miles, when I was cut off going down a hill & had to slam my leg down quick and hard to keep from running him over. The problem being that I have an issue with a loose hip that basically floats around (subluxates) in/out of the normal socket & when I slammed my hip down while it was doing this, it basically bruises the inside of my hip joint & causes pain with each additional step. I ended up slowing down considerably & fighting through extreme pain the remaining 21 miles, limping so badly over the last 10 miles that several race officials stopped me to make sure that I was OK to continue on. I ended up 45 minutes over my goal time, but I got it done, whatever it took!

What has running taught you?

Running has shown me that no goal is out of reach; you just need to get your mind past the obstacles and allow planning & hard work to get you there. First you convince yourself that you can do it, then you just need to get through it once … and you soon will realize that distance is nothing then a few more steps & hills are just a more adventurous path.

Your best piece of advice for new runners?

Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to ask others questions about it. More experienced runners can often assist you in diagnosing the causes of pain, getting over an obstacle, and many other general questions. By simply posting questions out to the Nike+ forum, other runners will usually get back to you quickly with either an answer or follow-up questions to better assist you with your issues. I am continually surprised by how many runners make themselves available to improve the running experience of others!

Your best piece of advice for new racers?

First, pay close attention to your early pace. The energy and excitement of the event (along with the site of other runners possibly passing you by) may make you want to start off much too fast, causing the rest of your race to suffer. A little fast is OK, just be careful with it.

Second, make sure that you are familiar with the course. Whether it is from actual experience, or mapping it out online, make sure that you know what to expect. This is particularly important with the elevation. Nothing is more of a momentum killer then that unexpected severe hill.

These two issues teamed up to teach me a tough lesson in my first 10K race. I was feeling good, so I took the first 5K pretty fast for me at the time, in just under 22 minutes. As I started to tire a bit just past the 6K mark, I found in front of me a big hill and that the remainder of the route was all uphill! I was pretty dead at the end and ended with a disappointing time of 50 minutes …. the second half took 8 minutes longer then the first half did.

Favorite motto/quote.

I have a few of them:

· "Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts." - Steve Prefontaine

One that comes in handy over the winter months

· “There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.” - Bill Bowerman

And a final that I picked up when I recently began training for an ultra (50k for now) in the future

· "If you start to feel good during an ultra, don't worry you will get over it." - Gene Thibeault

Why you are a Pied Piper/doing the Human Race?

PASSION! Passion for running. Passion to help other runners. Passion for life. The Human Race is a great way to get out and help spread my passion for running. Hopefully, I will be able to help at least a few runners improve their times, their distances, or their overall running experience! This passion is evident in ALL of the Pied Pipers & especially in our leader Sarah Kay.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's Be Nike+ Friends

The Pied Pipers are doing such a great job of recruiting as many people as possible for the Nike+ 10.24.2009 10K Human Race!

We are trying to build a Pied Piper Empire.
"Enticing others to Lead!"
One Social Media Site we can ALL utilize, since we ALL have a Nike+ Device is the Nike+ Friends Site.


  1. Invite your Nike friends to join Nike+.
  2. Find Friends who already use Nike+. (Perhaps you've seen someone in a lot of challenges with you that you'd like to be friends with?)
Then, BE A SOCIAL BUTTERLY - VIRTUALLY! Connect with them. Invite them to our Pied Piper Team. Invite them to our Pied Piper ONLY Challenges! Have fun!

I am encouraging ALL PIED PIPERS to build your network of Nike+ Friends by 10 people between now and the Human Race on 10.24.2009. Invite them to join our team!

And as always....Happy Running!

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Jittery Jolt" Contest Winners

Thank YOU to all who participated in the "Jittery Jolt" Contest!

I could not choose just one. So I chose 3!

1. Cherie Santiago - You can view hers HERE.

2. Kiem - You can view hers HERE.


3. Benjamin Berry - His is acting up, so I don't have it. You can see it on our FB Page, though, HERE.

Thank you so much! Your PASSION and INSPIRATION are so MOTIVATING to me and the rest of the Pied Pipers!

Run on....

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

We are now just 12 days away from Nike+ 10K Human Race Day!


I have created a new challenge for all the PIED PIPERS only! This challenge will begin on Tuesday, October 13th and run until Friday, October 23rd. The point is "Slow & Steady wins the race!" I am encouraging everyone to run and sync at least 2 miles (or 20 miles total) for the days during challenge.

Everyone who completes this task will be thrown into a drawing for a Nike+ SportBand! Click HERE to join the challenge!

Make CERTAIN you are registered in the Human Race Challenge
on the Pied Piper Team!

Again, Slow & Steady wins the race - let's keep on it each and everyday, Pied Pipers!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pied Piper Chris Schauble

The Pied Pipers Welcome Mr. Chris Schauble to our team!


"Chris Schauble is the weekday co-anchor of the NBC4 early morning news show "Today in LA" (5am-7am) and the Channel 4 News Midday Report (11am). He also serves as general assignment reporter for the station." You can read all about Chris HERE.

So why is it so exciting that Chris is a Pied Piper?
  1. He keeps a blog. In one of his blog postings he gives a Shout Out to the Nike Human Race. You can read the blog HERE.
  2. Chris is yet another determined Pied Piper. "A few years ago, the father of 5 and 7 year old twin girls decided that he needed to make a drastic lifestyle change after his waist line hit 40 and the scale soared north of 260." You can read more about him HERE.
  3. Chris has PASSION, like all the Pied Pipers. You can find a lot about him, his Ironman training and more HERE.
  4. Finally, OF's exciting that Chris is a Pied Piper because he is on the news everyday in LA! Check him out!
Welcome, Chris Schauble (Follow him on Twitter: @chrisSchauble)! Keep us posted on your Ironman progress and how your Nike+ 10K Human Race with the "Virtual" Pied Pipers goes on 10.24.2009!

If YOU want to join Chris and the rest of the FABULOUS Pied Pipers, click HERE for how to! We can't wait to have you!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Nike+ Challenges


So you say you want a new iPod Nano? Maybe a new set of Nike+ Sneaks?! As long as you are a Human Race 2009 Challenger AND you belong to an Ambassador's Challenge AND are syncing your miles, you have the chance to right NOW!

Here are the links:
  1. Join the Nike+ 10K Human Race:
  2. Join the Sarah Kay Hoffman Pied Pipers:
  3. iPod Nano Challenge: (10.12.2009 - 10.20.2009)
  4. Nike+ Shoe Challenge: (10.5.2009 - 10.13.2009)
Good Luck to all of the Pied Pipers! And with PASSION!

Human Race 2009: Are you REALLY a Challenger/Member of the Pied Pipers?


Today I want to repeat the necessary steps for "OFFICIALLY" being Registered, both in the race AND on the Pied Piper Team.

Step 1: Join the Human Race -
(Once there, you click on "Register Now." Then, enter your username and password. Proceed.)
Step 2: Join the Pied Piper Ambassador's Challenge Team -
(Once there, you click on the scrolldown that says "Select a Team."Choose "Sarah Kay - Pied Pipers. Then, click "Join." Proceed.)

These 2 steps are very, very important. If both are not complete, your miles on Race Day (10.24.2009) will not count for your Beloved Pied Pipers.

I am encouraging each and every one of you to go back through and make 110% sure you're all joined up on BOTH challenges.

PLEASE, if you have questions - contact me! Post messages here, too, for instant feedback from fellow users. Let us know what's confusing!

I leave you today with an awesome quote.....
"if better is possible - good is not enough."
Let's make this the BEST Pied Piper Team and Nike+ 10K Human Race EVER!

And ps....ONLY 17 DAYS AWAY...


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dr. PowerSong - Let the PowerSong Move You


Dr. PowerSong. He ROCKS! After all, he does have his PHD in Rockology! But who is he? And how does he help us?! It's as simple as he states,
"My mission in life is to prescribe great tracks for people to sweat to."
I do believe his mission is accomplished. Check him out and learn how to follow his tweets HERE.

Music moves. Music inspires. And not only that, but music can take your workout from good-to-great, fun-to-amazing & okay to rewarding and inspiring!

But this music is different for everyone. Music moves people in many different ways and on many different levels. Different beats motivate in many ways, but not necessarily in the same way for everyone. When hip-hop might be the PowerSong Genre for one person, country may be the PowerSong Genre for the other. The beauty is....there is no one right or wrong GENRE.

Let's create a Pied Piper MASTER POWERSONG List!
Anything goes, since everyone will have different ideas about what their PowerSong is.

All you need to do is click on "Comments" or "Add Comment" and add your PowerSong(s)! (And yes, feel free to add a whole Playlist.) If you want, also feel free to place a comment next to the songs that have "special" meaning to you or have a "reason" for being a PowerSong for you.

Let the PowerSong move you!

Monday, October 5, 2009

19 Days out from Nike+ 10K Human Race


If you are reading this and live in the Salt Lake City, UT area, I am highly encouraging you to participate with the Salt Lake Running Co. Nike+ 10K Human Race (Highland Dr. location). They are an "Official" Nike Location for this race.

Additionally, Debbie Perry has been so kind as to put up the Pied Pipers information on their Blog! A HUGE thanks to Debbie! For all the details on how you can join them, too, in their physical location, please click HERE.

As always...if you are going to be running it there and are already a Pied Piper, I encourage you to have all of your fellow runners sync up to the Pied Pipers post 10K run on 10.24.2009!

You guys are doing a tremendous job! I can't wait to see how we finish up the next 19 days and how we finish STRONG crossing that "finish line" on 10.24.2009!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

T-20 Days

We are now just 20 Days out from the Nike+ 10K Human Race!

Are you feeling anxious?! Ready?! Excited?!


What's Your "Jittery Jolt?!" CONTEST

What's Your "Jittery Jolt?"

For me, it's Coffee - and a lot of it! I have it first thing in the morning, not matter what, but especially if I'm morning running. My coffee has gotten me through many days - running AND non-running related!

But coffee isn't what does it for everyone. For some it's tea. For other's it's a Monster Energy Drink or Red Bull. But for most, it's something. And while I don't recommend it all day long as your main energy source, I think that in moderation it's perfectly fine!

Beyond the fact that my daily cup of Joe gets me energized and ready for the day, it also makes me focused and even more motivated and passionate to get the things that are important to me done!

I like to have coffee mugs with pictures of the people I care most about on them. Why? Because looking at them while sipping my beverage of choice makes me even more happy! 1 great thing mixed with another great thing = a day started off so well!

So I wondered about this. I drink coffee in the morning before I run to give me energy. I love coffee. I love running. I've combined the two. Thus, I fun would it be to design a "blank coffee" cup with my "running inspirations/motivations?"



And now you can do your own, too, while having the CHANCE to win a 2009 HUMAN RACE T-SHIRT!

Here is the template:

All you need to do is click on the mug. It will take you to Photobucket. From there, you can do whatever you'd like. If you download it, you can save it as a file where you can "add to it." Design this using your favorite Nike/Nike+/Athletic/Running/Health/Fitness/Nutrition/Motivation/PowerSong/etc. Be creative. Play around. Have fun! Get yourself motivated and inspired!

Once you are done with your mugs, I'd love to see them! You can post them on here - via a comment. You can email them to me. You can put them up on the Pied Piper Facebook Page. You can add them to your Twitter account via a Tweet at Anything you'd like to do is perfect! All that you need to remember, though, is that I need to see it!

I'm looking for originality, creativeness and an overall PASSIONATE Spirit. Whoever comes up with the best will win the Official Nike+ 10K Human Race T-Shirt.

Contest runs Sunday, October 4 - Monday, October 12th! Must be a Pied Piper, with at least 10 miles logged! GOOD LUCK!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Let's Talk Nike+

Pied Pipers - Just 21 Days until the Nike+ 10K Human Race!


How excited are we?!?

So let's talk Nike+! Here's the deal....I have 4 Questions. To answer them, just click on "Comments" or "Add Comment" and add your answer! This will be fun to see how we are all utilizing Nike+ for our 10K Race!
  1. What Nike+ Device do you use?
  2. Why do you use Nike+?
  3. Why are you running the Human Race?
  4. What city/state/country will you be running in?
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT: Pied Piper Nike+ Challenge

You asked for it, PIED PIPERS GET IT!

Today we begin a new Challenge! This Challenge will run from Thursday, October 1 - Thursday, October 15th.

Challenge: Here's your chance to win the "Official 2008 Hard Cover Nike Human Race Book + Official 2009 Human Race T-Shirt." Join this Pied Pipers ONLY Challenge! All Pipers to log at least 37 miles will be entered into drawing. Winner will be notified on 10.16.2009. And don't forget to sync your run from 10.24.2009 by November 1, 2009! Join Pipers here:

Click HERE to go directly to Challenge!


ANNOUNCEMENT: BRAND NEW Pied Piper's ONLY Nike+ Challenge

We are on a Quest to be 1,200+ PIED PIPERS Strong!

In honor of this, today I am beginning a new Challenge to encourage everyone to join our team! This Challenge will run from Thursday, October 1 - Thursday, October 15th.

Challenge: Here's your chance to win a "Nike+ Replacement Sensor + Official 2009 Human Race T-Shirt." You already run a ton; here's to encourage you to run even more AND to Run with Us! Join the Human Race and then the Pied Pipers! NEW Pipers to log at least 37 miles will be entered into drawing. Winner will be notified on 10.16.2009.

Click HERE to go directly to Challenge!


Countdown to Nike+ 10K Human Race 2009 Begins

Welcome to October 1st!

We are finally placed in the month when we will be uniting for "The Day the World Runs: Nike+ 10K Human Race."

I hope you are as excited as I am! The Pied Pipers have BIG goals this month! We are ready for this amazing challenge & we won't let anything or anyone stand in our way to the Finish Line. We will FINISH STRONG!

This Blog's purpose is to provide a place for all Pied Pipers to come. We can motivate each other, share ideas and stories and just have fun! Please check this Blog frequently. I will be putting up challenges for everyone who is a Pied Piper AND logging miles via the Nike+ Site for our Team!

As of right now, the Pied Pipers have the following:
  • Total Mileage -50,498.56
  • Total Pied Pipers - 695
  • Total Pied Pipers (who have logged at least 1 mile on the Nike+ Website) -592
By Saturday, October 24th, (for the Nike+ 10K Human Race) our GOAL as a TEAM is to have the following:
  • Total Mileage -113,138.56 (HOW DID I GET THIS? If 1,200 people logged just 2 miles/day from today until 10.23.2009 PLUS their 10K on 10.24 this would be our TOTAL!!)
  • Total Pied Pipers to complete Nike+ 10K Human Race - 1,200+
Are we up for the challenge? Will we do it? OF COURSE! We set out goals high - and drive the passion even higher!

If you are already a Pied Piper, YOU ROCK! Share this Blog, our Tweets and our FaceBook Fan Page with your Network! Spread the word - get people on board.

If you are not already a Pied Piper, YOU STILL ROCK....NOW JOIN US! Click HERE to join in our fun! And then spread the word!

One final note....Pied Piper Definition -
A Leader Who Entices People to Follow
Are YOU that Person? Let's BE these People! This is how we'll hit our HUGE numbers and ROCK this RACE!