Saturday, October 3, 2009

Let's Talk Nike+

Pied Pipers - Just 21 Days until the Nike+ 10K Human Race!


How excited are we?!?

So let's talk Nike+! Here's the deal....I have 4 Questions. To answer them, just click on "Comments" or "Add Comment" and add your answer! This will be fun to see how we are all utilizing Nike+ for our 10K Race!
  1. What Nike+ Device do you use?
  2. Why do you use Nike+?
  3. Why are you running the Human Race?
  4. What city/state/country will you be running in?
Happy Weekend!


  1. 1. I use the Nike+ SportBand
    2. I use Nike+ because it motivates me like I have never been motivated before. It also makes me accountable. The SportBand is my "boss!"
    3. I am running the Human Race because I love the idea that the whole world is going to stop and run for this one day. The unity is amazing to me! I want to be a part of it!
    4. I will be running in 2 places - both in Northern California!

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  4. 1. iPhone 3GS
    2. I love to track my distance and time, and Nike+ makes that easy for me. I can decide how long to run, turn on a playlist, and go!
    3. I am running the human race to encourage men in the Greek fraternity I work with at Ohio State to run. Our local race will follow the university's Homecoming Parade on a Friday night, and will be a great recovery race after my 10th marathon the weekend before.
    4. Columbus, Ohio

  5. 1. iPhone 3GS
    2. To keep fit, especially for the rugby season
    3. I am running the human race to be part of something big instead of doing for my own merit. I also like the tempting offer of a free t-shirt!!!
    4. Cape Town, South Africa


  6. 1. I use my ipod nano for Nike+
    2. It keeps me active, and is a great motivator
    3. Well i won a t shirt! so Its would b a crime not too! haha and i lovee the idea of evry1 runnin[[:
    4. Oc/calif

  7. 1. Nike+ sportband (love it!) with chip in nike zoom vomero+ 4 (4th pair owned in the series so them too!)
    2. I use the nike+ sportband to track distance and pace. I have been a treadmill runner for years and wanted a device to track distance and pace outdoors. I also am finding that I wish I had purchased it much is "proof" that I did my run!
    3. I ran last years race in honor of my mother who is a breast cancer survivor, this year for the same reason but also for the pride I have in myself for getting so fit after having my amazingly wonderful and sweet 4 year old son!
    4. Chapel Hill, North Carolina

  8. 1. iPod Nano, but it's old, been thrashed on rainy runs, and so I use my iPod Touch as a backup sometimes.
    2. I'm a stats junkie. I love playing around on the Nike+ website, looking at all of the graphs and the histories of running over the last 2 years.
    3. I'm also a badges/achievements junkie. I love collecting medals and race bibs.
    4. Seattle WA, probably around Lake Union, which is exactly 10K.

  9. 1. ipod nano, old school I know but it still works.
    2. My sis got me it when it first came out & it's my running pal that helps me be inspired to do better.
    3. I think it's amazing people all over the world are running on the same day & I can see that a 10K is easier today than it was last year.
    4. Central valley, CA with my sis & a friend

  10. 1. Just replaced my 1G ipod nano with a 5G nano. Used the sportsband and Iphone but still like the nano best.
    2. It's fun tracking my runs and it keeps me motivated.
    3. This will be the second year running this race. I hope it continues indefinitely.
    4. San Leandro, CA. USA

  11. What Nike+ Device do you use? - iPod Nano and the plus in a pocket on the top of my Asics
    Why do you use Nike+? - Because Garmin doesn't have the same online community feel...
    Why are you running the Human Race? - First 10K, sounds like a really neat idea
    What city/state/country will you be running in? - Mount Kisco, NY USA

  12. 1. iPod Nano (5th generation) and iPod Sport Kit.
    2. I want to run faster, and the Nike+ iPod kit helps me with that. I'm playing on the third best handball team in Norway (15 year olds), so better condition would be great.
    3. Since I got my iPod, running is fun.
    4. Trondheim, Norway

  13. I use ipod nano nike+ kit.
    I use it because it make running so fun and i love the nike+ communauty.
    I run the human race because i love the concept.
    I run in Toulouse, France

  14. I am running because i was diagnosed with congestive heart failure oct 2008. I don't want a pacemaker. I don't want to be on a heart donor waiting list. I run because it is good for my heart. I run because making my heart stronger lets me play... and have fun with my family. I run because so I can live. . .So I can Live LIFE.

    I use the ipod nano. I use Nike+ because I like the positive reinforcement of the challenges. I like the community feel. I like the website setup.

    As for where I will run, not sure. SoCal definitely, exactly where I don't know. Whereever the Universe takes me.

    I run the Human Race because the Universe answered. I was place in life that I wanted and needed wholesale changes. Did not like my job. I was out of shape. I was getting tired easily and out of breath all the time, coughing constantly. What I thought were allergies, I learned that I had an unknown viral infection and got CHF (congestive heart failure). My ejection fraction was 15%. Not good. A family friend who died of heart failure complication had 12% when he was diagnosed. Got upset, but never really got hate-the-world angry. It just the way it is. This burden turned out to be a blessing. I took a medical leave from work. Started eating healthier and swam everyday. I found the nike+ sensor I bought a year ago, but never used. Went to the gym one day not a big treadmill user. All the ellipticals and bikes were being used. I said, "Why not? I have it lets use it." The rest is history. Did my first mile at 20+ min pace. (Not so good now, but a triumph then) Took second place on a number of challenges. ARRGGHHH. So close to a trophy, but yet not there. Good showing are respectable. I mean silver is nice, but I like to win. This inspired me to do more.

    I came across a few challenges, found this one and here I am. Chose the Pied Piper Challenge because the Runners were putting some all-star miles and I was just a starting freshmen. I did not realize RunStrong was an Nike ambassador, probably would have gone with his team first because he sent a friend request first. (Sorry RunStrong, no disrespect) Learned about him being an Ambassador to after joining Pied Pipers. However, I am here because this where Universe led me, with the Pied Pipers. Read long ago, "Trust in the Universe and she will take care of you." I trust her.

  15. 1. Ipod touch and a pocket on my shoe laces for the sensor.-Hoping to upgrade to a sportsband soon.
    2. To keep track of all the miles I have completed. It's super motivating to watch the miles grow!
    3. It will be amazing to be a little part of the human race on a BIG day of running.
    4. Connecticut, USA


  16. 1. Ipod Mini w/nike+ system and amp watch.
    2. To have one location to keep track of my miles, calories etc. Also to have family members compete, stay healthy and promote another fun social activity.
    3. The idea of running at the same time with thousands upon thousands of people is my main reason for running the nike human race.
    4. Long Beach, CA USA

  17. nike+ and ipod with sensor
    Fun way to keep motivated
    To know that i can
    Tampa, Florida, USA

  18. 1. iPod Touch + Lunarglide shoes
    2. It's great motivation!
    3. Because, well, I can!
    4. Kailua, HI

  19. 1. SportsBand & Lunarglides
    2. Fun fitness tool, keeps me motivated
    3. Cool concept
    4. Berkeley, CA