Thursday, October 1, 2009

Countdown to Nike+ 10K Human Race 2009 Begins

Welcome to October 1st!

We are finally placed in the month when we will be uniting for "The Day the World Runs: Nike+ 10K Human Race."

I hope you are as excited as I am! The Pied Pipers have BIG goals this month! We are ready for this amazing challenge & we won't let anything or anyone stand in our way to the Finish Line. We will FINISH STRONG!

This Blog's purpose is to provide a place for all Pied Pipers to come. We can motivate each other, share ideas and stories and just have fun! Please check this Blog frequently. I will be putting up challenges for everyone who is a Pied Piper AND logging miles via the Nike+ Site for our Team!

As of right now, the Pied Pipers have the following:
  • Total Mileage -50,498.56
  • Total Pied Pipers - 695
  • Total Pied Pipers (who have logged at least 1 mile on the Nike+ Website) -592
By Saturday, October 24th, (for the Nike+ 10K Human Race) our GOAL as a TEAM is to have the following:
  • Total Mileage -113,138.56 (HOW DID I GET THIS? If 1,200 people logged just 2 miles/day from today until 10.23.2009 PLUS their 10K on 10.24 this would be our TOTAL!!)
  • Total Pied Pipers to complete Nike+ 10K Human Race - 1,200+
Are we up for the challenge? Will we do it? OF COURSE! We set out goals high - and drive the passion even higher!

If you are already a Pied Piper, YOU ROCK! Share this Blog, our Tweets and our FaceBook Fan Page with your Network! Spread the word - get people on board.

If you are not already a Pied Piper, YOU STILL ROCK....NOW JOIN US! Click HERE to join in our fun! And then spread the word!

One final note....Pied Piper Definition -
A Leader Who Entices People to Follow
Are YOU that Person? Let's BE these People! This is how we'll hit our HUGE numbers and ROCK this RACE!




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