Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nike Human Race: Crossing the Finish Line

Crossing the Finish Line on October 24, 2009. How bittersweet.

Sure, exciting......


And then again, maybe I'm not so sure of this excitement!

Don't get me wrong: I.LOVE.RUNNING. I.LOVE.NIKE+. I LOVE. with PASSION.

But crossing the finish line for me meant that a small chapter in my life was coming to an end. So much time spent (August-October) learning, recruiting, running, motivating, inspiring, meeting and encouraging the Pied Pipers was coming to an end. I had some major "day-after" blues on Sunday.

Crossing the Finish Line for me was never about "hurrying up to get it over with" (although I'm currently working to shave time off my 10K!) because I knew that when it was over, it might truly be over if I let it.

In the days since Sunday, though, I've decided that it will only "be over" if I "let it be over."

And I've decided that no matter what I won't "let it be over." I'm not finished - I don't think the Pipers are finished - with what we started! And what we started was a TEAM - a PACK - a PASSIONATE VIRTUAL RUNNING EMPIRE, if you will!

I believe that where we begin to go from here is to recruit and gather more people who want to join us! Very shortly, this Nike+ Human Race 2009 Blog will probably fade away - after all, it's almost 2010 - and we'll have a NEW Human Race to look forward to. But as soon as I launch our "new place," I will be sure to post it up HERE! I will post it on Facebook. I will post it on Twitter. I will post it everywhere I can think possible.

And then......IT'S ON!!!!!!

Until then, feel free to leave messages here! Let us all know what you are up to, who you've recruited to join the Pipers, what you are running (or why you're not running!) and probably most importantly.....awesome new "food finds:)"



  1. For me, this is only the beginning. I am so very greatful that Sarah "showed up" one day on my Facebook page (I believe that is where it was) and invited me to join the Pipers. That was a wonderful thing for me. Now, I am very much a Pied Piper and will do everything to cheer all the pipers on to many goals. I look forward to meeting many of you in the future. At present, I am a power walker. When I was in my late 20's, I was able to run a 3 1/2 hour marathon and was running 10K's in the 38 range. That was 32 years ago. I will be happy to increase my mileage for now. I am thinking about power walking a 1/2 marathon.

    The very best to you all.
    Happy and healthy running!

    Rick Heath (Bellevue, Washington)

  2. Sarah, you have to be the most uplifting, cheerful, and inspiring blogger I've yet to come across. You should be proud of your efforts, helping so many people raise their game and make a concious effort to improve their mind, body and spirit! I went to the VIP tent at Nike, but was unable to find you (the morning of the race- it was a bit busy down there, to say the least), but I'm glad you'll still be here. Perhaps you'll keep us posted on any events you will be at, in hopes that we can cross pathes with you in person, someday. You have a fantastic personality, and are gorgeous to boot- Nike would be wise to hire you as a member of their online Nike+ running team/ personalities. The following you have generated is amazing, and you have the ability to reach people with your enthusiasm and kindness. I wish you all the best, and please keep your blog going! Much love from Michigan!

    Nichole Thiele
    A Proud & True Pied Piper, and Fellow 2009 NWM Diva ;)
    (Rochester Hills, Michigan)

  3. Sarah, we are kindred spirits because you live life with passion! I only wished I joined the Pipers sooner and not when it was winding down. However, you are one of those people I gravitate towards. Someone who is a go-getter and is propelled by enthusiasm, love, and passion! I'm very happy to meet you and cannot wait for the next Human Race. It is NOT over, until we say it is!

  4. Nannette, The Pipers are NOT winding down! There is much more to come.....