Friday, October 23, 2009

Let the Nike+ Pied Piper Spirit Continue

JUST BECAUSE the Nike+ 10K Human Race is almost over, doesn't mean the Pied Pipers have to say "good bye." I've never been good at "good bye" anyways:)

I'm now taking suggestions for a "New Project" that we could do "Virtually" together! Here are the things to think about and to respond to:
  • What would be fun?
  • What are you all training for that being a part of the Pied Pipers would still benefit you?
  • How could a virtual team get you from point A. to point B.?
  • What does your ideal virtual team look like?
  • What could we do better? Different? The same?
  • How could we keep it creative and continuously interesting?
  • How long should we do this for?
  • Who would we want to recruit?
  • How would we recruit new people?
  • What else????
If you are interested, please post your comments on this Blog so we can all see and respond and collaborate on!


  1. I am training for the half marathon in January so if you still posted challenges it would keep me motivated!

  2. training for half marathon in May 2010, all of us at the gym should tell others about nike+

  3. Training for full marathon, but looking to cut my time so not only interested in training but also in speed work..

  4. I would love to do the virturally Nike Women's Half Marathon that is happening in March-- gotta keep up the long runs - perhaps different challenges?

    Working together as a team is also so great. What if the Pied Pipers did a 1,000,000 miles together?

  5. First off, we should do another team mileage challenge.
    Every team likes a mileage challenge to get them in the spirit of running towards a common goal.

    Second, if you want to start by bringing in a challenge to drive people towards finishing half-marathons and full marathons. Perhaps instead of doing another 10k run day, we should incorporate a half-marathon and full marathon day. Boy would this possibly get people stoked for distances!!

  6. I am very much interested in this. I did not join the Pied Pipers till "downstream". How long have the Pied Pipers been around, anyway.I will give this a lot of thought.

  7. I agree with Sean. Let's aim for Half/Full Marathon.

  8. I love all of your ideas. I will be in touch with what I decide. Keep all the great suggestions coming!

  9. I am just looking to get better as a runner. Thank you for all your inspirational comments. Sometimes when I have not been motivated to run I've seen a comment and just did it. I am looking to maintain my current training level and exceed it.

  10. I am a daRevoluCHIN but I am more than happy to switch over to an incredible team like it is of the Pipers. Everything it's just so ... welcoming lol ... Can't wait to be a part of this next challenge. Hope I am welcome!

    -Cochoz(Nike+ ID)

  11. We really need to keep our Pied Piper group together!

  12. Let´s hit the 1/2 and full Marathon goal have no doubts Sarah... you have an entire team backing your decision with passion!

  13. The Kaiser run in S.F. on 2/7/10 is fun... it is on super bowl sunday but what the heck. there is a 1/2 marathon and a 5k something for everyone.
    we could do a pr challenge this course is flat...through the park and ending on the great hwy.

  14. Cochoz - We ALWAYS welcome new Pipers! And I can't WAIT to start the new challenge...still a little TBD!

  15. Yeah! Keep us all inthe loop, Sarah!
    I love having goals, challenges and races to train for!
    Thanks for ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK!