Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Human Race 2009: Are you REALLY a Challenger/Member of the Pied Pipers?


Today I want to repeat the necessary steps for "OFFICIALLY" being Registered, both in the race AND on the Pied Piper Team.

Step 1: Join the Human Race -
(Once there, you click on "Register Now." Then, enter your username and password. Proceed.)
Step 2: Join the Pied Piper Ambassador's Challenge Team -
(Once there, you click on the scrolldown that says "Select a Team."Choose "Sarah Kay - Pied Pipers. Then, click "Join." Proceed.)

These 2 steps are very, very important. If both are not complete, your miles on Race Day (10.24.2009) will not count for your Beloved Pied Pipers.

I am encouraging each and every one of you to go back through and make 110% sure you're all joined up on BOTH challenges.

PLEASE, if you have questions - contact me! Post messages here, too, for instant feedback from fellow users. Let us know what's confusing!

I leave you today with an awesome quote.....
"if better is possible - good is not enough."
Let's make this the BEST Pied Piper Team and Nike+ 10K Human Race EVER!

And ps....ONLY 17 DAYS AWAY...


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